A downloadable demo for Windows


This is a demo for a game engine written from scratch for a 12-week university module. It is written using DirectX, the Windows API, and Assimp.


  • Fully textured & blended terrain
  • Toggleable free roaming camera
  • Fox player character with full movement
  • Movable objects (dog near spawn point)
  • Immovable objects (palm trees scattered around world)
  • Day/night lighting cycle
  • Music
  • Proper focus control
  • Quick startup time


The "Graphics2.exe" executable must be run to start the game.

Third-person mode

  • WASD: move relative to character rotation
  • space: jump
  • Mouse: rotate camera
  • CTRL (hold): run

Free camera

  • WASD: move (relative to viewport rotation)
  • Mouse: rotate camera
  • CTRL (hold): increased fly speed
  • Space: move up
  • Shift: move down


  • T: toggle third-person and free camera modes
  • ESC: remove focus from game

Notes/Known issues

  • The fox has no lighting - this is a model issue, all other models work fine.


viewer.zip 98 MB

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